Benefits of Freelancing as an Attorney

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Insights


Are you an attorney who is tired of the long workdays, sleepless nights, and constant stress of trying to please everyone?
If this sounds like your experiences in the legal industry, then maybe it is time to consider becoming a freelance attorney.

Becoming a freelance attorney provides unrivaled career flexibility. Working as a freelance attorney can also provide comparable, or better, income once established as a reliable freelance attorney.
Not only will freelance attorneys find flexibility in their schedules, but they will also find flexibility in the types of available work. Below, we analyze the four main benefits freelance attorneys can expect after making the switch.

First, freelance attorneys should recognize that there is variety in the types of work they can perform. Some freelance attorneys focus primarily on court appearances for busy law firms that have lots of cases but not enough coverage to appear at every court proceeding. Other freelance attorneys work entirely from the comfort of their homes by focusing on written work, such as court briefs, estate plans, contract drafting, employment handbooks, etc.
The variety of work can allow freelance attorneys to be exposed to new practice areas that keep assignments feeling fresh and stimulating.

Second, freelance attorneys have significant flexibility in how they complete their work. Unlike their traditional office-bound colleagues, freelance attorneys can complete their work from wherever they please.
Do you feel like exploring a new country for a holiday trip or visiting family for a reunion? Working as a freelance attorney often provides this type of geographical freedom. Freelance attorneys can also complete their work according to their schedule, assuming completion still aligns with project deadlines.

This can allow freelance attorneys to complete their work at night or early in the morning, after spending time traveling or with their families. This type of geographical and schedule freedom is not always possible in traditional attorney or counselor roles where routine business hours must be kept, and an employer’s physical office space.

Third, freelance attorneys often experience freedom from the politics of office life. How many times have you attended a seminar, lunch meeting with colleagues, or an after-hours team-building event and thought, I wish I could skip this?
Alternatively, maybe it is the pressure of donning your business attire, polishing your shoes, or worrying about being the first person to leave the office every night.

Whatever the reasons why office politics drive you crazy, being a freelance attorney will likely minimize those stressors. Freelance attorneys often do not have intra-office expectations about business development, external client contact, and related challenges. Freelance attorneys only have to please one client: the legal client who hired them!

Fourth and final, freelance attorneys benefit from dealing with fewer administrative hassles. For example, if an attorney chose to open their law firm, they would have to focus on securing clients, paying taxes, complying with financial rules for client money, and also doing high-quality work, among many other considerations.
Additionally, if an attorney chooses to remain at a law firm, they still must enter their billable time, submit corresponding documentation to their HR department, and deal with associate policies and procedures that come with working at a law firm (or in-house legal department). In contrast, freelance lawyers only have to focus on satisfying their clients, and because the working relationship is project based, the procedure and parameters make for a smooth relationship.

To sum up, freelance attorneys receive many benefits that their office-bound colleagues might not.
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