Covid-19’s Role in Legal Outsourcing

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Insights


Legal outsourcing has been steadily growing its market share within the legal industry, but COVID-19 has rapidly increased adoption rates. With everyone locked down and forced to work remotely, the concept of remote work became more accepted.

Employees, managers, and other supervisors quickly learned that quality work could be completed from anywhere – and maybe a physical office space was unnecessary. As companies and law firms learned that their own employees could successfully work remotely, the idea of legal outsourcing slowly became less unusual and more like an extension of a company or law firm’s existing workforce.
As a result, legal outsourcing services expanded rapidly and they are showing no signs of slowing down, despite the COVID-19 situation becoming increasingly manageable.

The value of legal outsourcing has not changed, it has simply become more recognized as a result of companies and law firms having to accomplish more with fewer resources due to COVID-19 pandemic obstacles.
The most significant factor of the COVID-19 pandemic that increased the demand for legal outsourcing may be the digitization factor. The digitization factor refers to companies and law firms that rapidly moved the majority of their operations to digitally based administrative solutions.

For example, processing the bulk of inbound and outbound mail digitally (through email, secure access links, or internal servers), using virtual reception desks (whether by having employees work remotely while performing their paralegal / secretarial duties or by hiring new virtual assistants), and related middle and back-office functions.

By implementing digital solutions and recognizing their applicability and success in providing uninterrupted solutions to unforeseen COVID-19 obstacles, the legal industry began learning about the potential benefits of legal outsourcing.
In turn, driving continued demand for these services despite a better understanding of COVID-19 problems.

While enjoying the benefits of digitizing operations, the legal industry may have also noticed unexpected benefits throughout its staff and labor forces. When the legal industry digitizes operations, it often results in automation and easier procedures for accomplishing mundane and routine tasks.
Through these improved operational efficiencies, the legal industry can have happier, more efficient, and more satisfied employees when less of their time is spent on dull and repetitive tasks. As a result, employees are free to pursue more business development opportunities and complete more stimulating and profitable projects.

This is where the legal outsourcing industry can serve an important purpose within the traditional boundaries of the legal industry – and this purpose appears to have been recognized by the legal industry, and legal outsourcing services remain in high demand.

To conclude, the legal outsourcing sector of the legal industry was steadily growing before the COVID-19 pandemic, but after the pandemic – it continues to expand rapidly as the industry fully realizes the benefits legal outsourcing provides.

As a result, legal outsourcing will continue to grow as a sector within the legal industry as more companies and law firms choose to utilize this solution to achieve more while using fewer resources.
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