LawFlex – Maternity Leave Replacements

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Insights


We at LawFlex understand the inherent difficulty faced by law firms and in-house legal departments when searching for maternity leave replacements.

An employer hiring a maternity leave replacement will strive to find a candidate who satisfies the same qualifications as the employee they are replacing– such as years of experience and areas of expertise– to maintain continuity of work. Above all, the aim is to ensure “peace of mind” for the employer so that they can focus on completing more pressing tasks without holding progress by scrambling to find a replacement.

The goal of the employer – whether a partner in a law firm, a manager of a legal department, or an administrator within a company – is to spend as little time as possible training the replacement, given that the typical time frame for this form of employment ranges between 4-6 months. If the employer is required to train the replacement candidate, by the time that employee “gets down to business” and provides a real benefit to the organization, their employment period may already have come to an end. This model is not worthwhile for the employer from both a business and financial point of view.

Therefore, we see more and more employers striving to find replacement lawyers who are high-level in terms of quality, and in reference to years of experience and relevant areas of expertise. However, at this stage the employers encounter an obstacle – it is difficult to recruit lawyers who meet all the requirements listed above, who are an asset to the company from day one, and who give the head of the department confidence that the work is being done to the best of their ability, even without direct supervision. Many candidates would prefer to be hired in a permanent position rather than a temporary one, being that such circumstances require them to return to the job search cycle in a short period of time.

So, what’s the solution? Utilize LawFlex’s niche maternity leave replacement services.

How does it work? A law firm or a company will contact us and specify their needs. They will receive an experienced freelance attorney with the exact expertise required by their organization. The freelance lawyer will be a commodity to the organization from the start, and due to their extensive experience, will be able to complete tasks at an accelerated rate, thereby lessening costs.
This method of work, which is already used in several companies and law firms throughout Israel, is efficient and profitable, and the pricing is competitive due to the lesser number of hours required, and because the freelancer is not employed by the organization as a permanent salaried employee, therefore the employer is freed from standard costs associated with hiring a new employee.

We at LawFlex have developed the perfect solution for maternity leave replacements while maintaining the three most important rules for any organization: professionalism, efficiency, and general viability.

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