Legal operations set foot at the startup nation: Israel’s first Legal Operations Conference

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Insights


In the wake of the ever-evolving professional world, the legal field has expanded to include more than mere law practice. Legal operations (or “legal ops”) equips legal departments to better serve their clients via the application of practical business and technical tactics in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the over-expense of both time and finances.

Essentially, legal ops function as legal consultants to their clients- offering advice and strategies regarding financial oversight, coordinated planning, project management, and more. Introducing calculated business strategies to legal provides a noticeable advantage, specifically regarding efficiency and productivity in the long-term of the department. By devoting direct attention to these fields, typically burdensome practices run more smoothly, allowing for more successful proceedings.

While upon initial consideration adding a legal staff to a pre-existing legal department might seem superfluous, legal ops is quite the opposite. Implementing legal ops strategy allows the in-house legal department to become a more cohesive, functional component of their business, and devote greater attention to higher-value assignments and more pressing projects.

With the presence of legal ops, issues such as data analytics, vendor management, and organizational design are lifted from the workload of the in-house department and are efficiently reimagined by legal ops.
Legal departments can do more with less – legal ops aims to minimize spending and provide a “one-stop-shop” for their clients, handling all their needs within a single entity.
More so, legal operations aid in-house counsel in creating tangible, quantifiable proof of the counsel’s value to the business. By centering their methodology around data-based analytics, legal ops create a demonstratable catalogue of the legal department’s achievements and successes.
Freeing the in-house staff of operational work, legal ops allow for their focus to be redirected, all while assuring that their businesses processes are being handled in a responsible, sustainable manner.

The field of legal operations is young and growing – and Israel’s 1st Legal Operations Conference will provide a priceless service to legal, technological, and business professionals- gifting them a platform upon which they can begin to reimagine the structure and efficiency of their own companies through the application of legal ops.

This conference will serve as a catalyst, exposing more professionals to the countless attributes of legal ops as well as connecting like-minded individuals through networking and exposure.
One of the most profitable components of legal ops is its ability to combine a multitude of operative and legal processes into a singular system.
Conferences like this allow for a diverse spectrum of experts to collaborate and innovate, adding to the nuance and value of legal ops, and expanding the reach of its benefits in the workplace.
Law and business are rapidly becoming increasingly intermingled. Legal ops steps in to manage these points of intersection, allowing in-house counsel to thrive through both greater freedom and improved management, without sacrificing the precision and efficacy of legal.

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