Legal Works Nordic and LawFlex Announces Strategic Joint Venture to Expand Global Legal Resourcing Services

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Updates

Legal Works Nordic, the Swedish-based provider of legal resourcing and consulting services is excited to announce a strategic Joint Venture with LawFlex, a leading global legal resourcing company specializing in outsourcing freelance lawyers around the world to law firms and corporate clients alike.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, combining their expertise to offer enhanced legal resourcing solutions on a global scale. Legal Works Nordic, known for its focus on interim lawyers to corporate clients in the Nordics and legal operations consulting, aims to extend its services to provide Nordic clients access to freelance lawyers worldwide.

LawFlex is an international global ALSP which is ranked tier#1 on a global scale by Chambers & Partners. The company which offers access to over 1,500 highly skilled freelance lawyers and international collaborations, will facilitate the integration of Nordic freelance lawyers into its global pool. This collaboration will enable Legal Works Nordic to tap into a broader talent pool, enhancing its ability to meet the diverse legal needs of its clients across borders.

“We are excited by this collaboration since it will help us to service the Nordic export companies with skilled interim lawyers on a global scale. At the same time, we will have the opportunity to expand our reach and collaborate with LawFlex’s global clients. This opens doors for Nordic legal professionals to engage in international projects and broaden their professional horizons.” says Ulf Lindén, COO and one of the founders of Legal Works Nordic.

“I am very happy about this Joint Venture with a distinguished Nordic-based company, bringing to the forefront our global capabilities to a fascinating legal sector. For us at LawFlex – innovation and out-of-the-box thinking differentiate us and help us bring our clients a real global legal solution. I’m looking forward to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to clients’ needs in the Nordics” says Jackie Donner, CEO and Co-Founder of LawFlex.

For further information about this collaboration, please contact:

Ulf Lindén,, +46761111730

About Legal Works Nordic AB:

Legal Works Nordic AB is a Swedish leading provider of legal resourcing and consulting services, specializing in outsourcing interim lawyers and offering legal operations consulting. With a focus on the Nordic region, the company is dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to meet the legal needs of its clients.


About LawFlex:

LawFlex is an international alternative legal service provider (ALSP), with offices in New-York, Germany and Chile, offering access to a collective of over 1,500 highly skilled lawyers. The company embraced New Law, allowing its clients the freedom of choice as one of the world’s fast-growing legal talent sourcing companies with a global footprint.