Create a formidable, empowered legal team

The role of legal operations is to create harmony between the business activities, processes and people within an in-house legal team, in order to optimize legal service delivery to the organisation.

To put it simply, effective legal ops will inspire the best from your team, your tech and non-tech systems, your clients, as well as law firm outsourcing, in order to become a productive and energetic legal team.

We use our experience to match the best-suited technology to your team.

Advise & Execute

Our creative, tech-savvy legal operations professionals are proficient at identifying obstacles to production, generating new ideas that solve problems and most importantly, executing plans that ensure that your legal department is running smoothly.

We provide support to General Counsels, who are faced daily with the challenge of balancing the legal profession as well as business operations

By placing in-house legal support within your team, we take the pressure off by managing the non-legal aspects of your department – giving your counsel and team the freedom to meet their objectives head-on.

LawFlex legal ops support includes the following:

Financial and vendor management (including Alternative Support Models)

Data management, analytics and transparency
Technological Support
Communications (internal and cross-departmental)

Strategic planning, team development and mentoring

Balance Business and Law, with LawFlex

LawFlex protects the General Counsel’s time by offering the services of qualified in-house attorneys who also possess formidable business acumen.


A strong understanding of the core business


An ability to translate the needs of business departments into legal requirements.


A commitment to use the internal legal department to grow the company.


An ability to manage outside law firm performance.


Determination to do more with less.

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