Legal Process Outsourcing

Flexible solutions to propel your business forward

Partnering with LawFlex means that you have over 1400 top attorneys from across the globe at your fingertips.
Some of our LPO services include:

Document Review

Contract Management
Due Diligence
Litigation outsourcing
Paralegal outsourcing
Risk and Compliance assistance


We’ve walked the road before

Our lawyers have faced the same pressures that your business is up against. They bring with them the skills and wisdom acquired from years of experience.


We’ve deliver more, for less

Because you’re not employing staff or enlisting a private law firm, you’ll save costs without compromising quality of service.


We fast-track your processes

Our support in the back end will help you to keep your clients happy with swift turnaround on legal resolutions.


We diversify your talent

By partnering with a flexible attorney from LawFlex, you enjoy the skills and expertise of new talent.