The World’s Top NewLaw Companies – 2022 Edition

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Insights


Welcome to the 2022 edition of the World’s Top NewLaw Companies. Last year, the legal industry continued its rapid transformation. NewLaw companies consist of ALSPS, LPOs (both independent and captive), and everything in between.

In 2021 and the first half of 2022 the ALSP market expanded into a roughly $14 billion industry. Concurrently, 2021 and 2022 also saw the ALSP market experience record-setting mergers and acquisitions, profits, and growth.

As a result, we have compiled this helpful directory of leading companies that provide a multitude of services. Whether you are a-

  • tech startup company
  • head of the corporate counsel office
  • a newly formed small to medium sized law firm
  • an international law firm recognized as an industry leader
  • or somewhere in between

There is a company on this list that can provide value to you. A sampling of the services you will find are:

  • on demand legal counseling
  • contract lifecycle management software
  • e-discovery assistance
  • due diligence review
  • merger and acquisition guidance
  • becoming a publicly traded company consulting
  • international privacy regulation compliance
  • law firm practice management counseling and software
  • and much more

Whether you wish to grow and scale your personal business or make existing operations more efficient, a NewLaw company is your path to success. Have a look at the list below and consider how you can enjoy the benefits of a NewLaw company.

*** Noting that the legal industry is evolving as you read this, please contact us if you think your company should be part of this directory, you want to discuss how LawFlex can assist you, or if you want to discuss the development of the legal industry generally:




Country – Slovakia


Established: 2006

Accace ranks among the leading outsourcing and consultancy providers in Europe. They handle small to large scale multi-country outsourcing projects.

After nearly 15 years on the market, Accace has developed into an innovative, full-range BPO and advisory provider, engaging more than 2,000 professionals and serving over 10,000 clients internationally. Accace stands for “accounting ace” and it showcases their early yet ever-present ambition to become the ace on the market.




Country – Switzerland


Established: 2018

Alithis is a non-traditional legal, compliance and regulatory services provider with profound expertise in the areas of trusts and non-profit organizations.

Alithis is a boutique with a pragmatic and dynamic take on compliance, risk management, internal controls and legal work. Their experts’ cross-domain specialisations allow for seamless customized solutions that address specific, unique client needs.



Country – Spain/Latin America


Established: 2020

With over 190 specialized lawyers with eleven practice areas, AMBAR is a dominant force in the Spanish ALSP market that can supply lawyers versed in trademarks, estate planning, civil litigation and commercial contracts.

AMBAR was born with the vision of offering a responsible alternative to the elite legal profession in Spain to inspire and generate a change in the way of doing things in business law and raise awareness in the legal community.





Country – US

Axiom Law

Established: 2000

Axiom ranks among the leaders in high-caliber, on-demand legal talent. They enable corporate legal departments to drive efficiency and growth and to adapt to a demanding new era.

With over 6,500 lawyers spanning North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia, Axiom’s support is designed to meet your needs and can help you control costs, maximize speed to impact, and react to changing market conditions.




Country – US


Established: 2000

Baretz+Brunelle is a NewLaw practice group that uplifts and supports businesses and law firms throughout the ever changing legal marketplace.

Baretz+Brunelle provides corporate communications, digital marketing and NewLaw services with a laser-like focus on achieving their clients’ business goals.

Baretz+Brunelle has been named the “Best PR Firm in the U.S. for Law Firms” by The National Law Journal, the “Best PR Firm for Law Firms” by the New York Law Journal, the “Best Crisis Management Firm” by Legal Times and the “Best Digital Marketing Firm” by PRNEWS.




Country – UK


Established: 1984

Capita simplifies the connections between businesses and customers, and governments and citizens. Capita delivers innovative consulting, digital, and software solutions which allow their clients to focus on what they do best: achieve better outcomes.

Capita has some 450 business sites and over 61,000 passionate people. Most of their business sites are in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Northern Europe, complemented by operations and delivery centers in India, South Africa and the Middle East.




Country – US

Caprock Business Consulting

Established: 2016

Caprock Business Consulting is a professional services firm providing business valuation, litigation support and consulting services for attorneys, businesses and individuals.

Caprock Business Consulting began in 2016 and has offices in Lubbock, Texas — which provides services primarily throughout West Texas and the surrounding communities — and Greenville, South Carolina — serving upstate South Carolina and North Carolina. Caprock Business Consulting is led by Nick Mears who has spent his entire career in the business valuation, litigation support, and business consulting industry.






Country – India


Established: 2002

Cenza provides outsourcing experts, who deliver solutions to leading corporations, law firms, in-house departments and financial institutions around the world.

Cenza helps their clients improve efficiency, reduce risk and save money across a broad range of non-core and back-office services. These services include contract management, word processing, litigation support, data extraction and abstraction, due diligence review and market research. Cenza delivers scalable, cost-effective, and reliable outsourcing services built on best-in-class technology, operational expertise, rigorous quality control, and unsurpassed client service.




Country – US

Cobra Legal Solutions

Established: 2007

Cobra is a diverse team of talented professionals who come together with one common goal: to improve the efficiency of legal support services. Based in Austin, TX, Cobra Legal Solutions is proud to be 89% diverse with a workforce that is 63% female worldwide.

Driving innovation, quality and efficiency, Cobra’s award-winning technology and services equip clients with the tools they need to continually improve their practice. From eDiscovery and managed review to M&A due diligence and making your contracts process simple, Cobra provides value-based results at the lowest cost possible.

Named to the 2020 Inc 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, Cobra Legal Solutions is trusted by thousands of legal professionals each day from some of the world’s largest companies and law firms.




Country – US


Established: 2008

Cogneesol is a leading LPO company with 500+ professionals that provide high-quality legal support services to global law firms, management, and corporate legal divisions and can help alleviate the burden of the attorneys.

From New York to Punjab, and more than 25 countries in between, Cogneesol connects every dot, rethinks every process, and redefines businesses’ way of working. Irrespective of whether you are looking to boost customer engagement, control costs/capital, improve process efficiencies, or restructure your firm, the Cogneesol team is well-positioned to support you in accomplishing your goals.





Country – US


Established: 2008

With over 4,000 experts, Consillo offers a powerful array of legal services and technologies with offices around North America, Europe, and Asia. Consilio stands as one of the most recognized, well regarded, and capable eDiscovery, document review and legal consulting service providers anywhere in the world.

In 2018, Consilio merged with Advanced Discovery in a transaction powered by new private equity partner, GI Partners. In October of the same year, Consilio also announced and acquired another highly regarding leader in legal consulting and services, DiscoverReady. Both companies expanded Consilio’s geographic footprint, technology innovations, as well as its depth of expertise while offering highly complimentary portfolios of law firm and corporate clients.




Country – US


Established: 1969

CPA Global is the world leader in Intellectual Property software and tech-enabled services, serving over 12,000 law firm and corporate customers every day.

Their commitment is to give IP professionals the information, insight and technology they need to manage the world’s ideas. CPA Global is focused on digitising the IP ecosystem, reinforcing connections between people, and giving IP professionals the sophisticated solutions they need to succeed.





Country – India

Datascribe LPO

Established: 2005

Datascribe is one of the leading Alternative Legal Services providers in the industry, delivering legal, shared, and advisory services from secure centers in Bangalore, India, to top law firms and corporations in the US and Canada. Since 2005, Datascribe has been successfully providing onsite/onshore and offshore services for their clients across USA, Canada, and India.

Datascribe empowers leading global corporations, law firms and academic institutions by providing them with the insight, technology, and resources to reduce costs and solve complex legal and data challenges. Datascribe’s process methodology is embedded in their state-of-the-art technology platforms which optimize analytic, search, repository, and reporting capability.




Country – US

DWF Mindcrest (Mindcrest acquired by DWF)

Established: 2001

Mindcrest is a legal services provider that specializes in litigation support, contracts, compliance and legal research, legal analytics, and real estate. In 2001, two senior attorneys and two engineers created an opportunity to bring innovation and an alternate delivery method to the legal services world. Many of their clients were concerned about rapidly expanding costs without corresponding value.

Using strong project management and technology they redefined the role of law firms, improving efficiency and quality for their clients. With forward thinking talent, cutting edge technology and loyal clients, Mindcrest continues to transform the legal services industry. Mindcrest has become a leading legal services firm, headquartered in Chicago, with a global presence.




Country – US

Elevate Services

Established: 2011

With over 1,200 professionals globally, Elevate provides consulting, technology, and services to law departments and law firms, offering practical ways to improve efficiency, quality, and business outcomes.

Elevate is committed to being a preferred employer by providing their Associates with challenging work and opportunity to grow, in a workplace of respect and fairness, where their personal contributions make a difference, and where those contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. Elevate helps law firms and corporate law departments improve their operational strategy, processes, technology, support systems and cost management.




Country – US


Established: 1988

Epiq is the global leader in technology-enabled legal services, eDiscovery, corporate restructuring, cybersecurity, and business transformation solutions.

Epiq supports law firms, enterprises, financial institutions, and government agencies with world-class teams, proven processes, effective end-to-end strategies, and a suite of leading-edge technologies to drive impactful operational change, scalable execution, and business-wide efficiencies.




Country – Switzerland


Established: 2000

Evalueserve is a leading analytics partner with over 4,000 global professionals that help clients get the most out of their core processes, make their businesses more efficient and connected, and generate more value.

Evalueserve is powered by mind+machine™, a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies enabling us to design and manage needs-tailored processes for their clients. Since their inception in 2000, Evalueserve has been forerunners in designing innovative solutions – from “research augmented data analytics” to RoI-focused digital transformation and mind+machine™ workflows.






Country – US/India

OKS Legal (a captive LPO of OKS Group)

Established: 1999

For over 10 years, OKS Legal Solutions has been providing legal process outsourcing, across a wide range of practice areas and business management categories. Providing services to customers worldwide, OKS Group has 1,500 associates, and is headquartered in Philadelphia, USA, with international offices located throughout seven countries.

OKS is committed to improving their customers’ competitiveness, profitability, and growth. to Their consultative approach relies on technology-enabled process re-engineering, highly skilled resources, and an unwavering commitment to client service.





Country – US


Established: 2010

An advanced ediscovery software that offers a collaborative cloud-based litigation platform for corporate counsels, litigators, and government attorneys.

The cloud-based ediscovery platform unlocks the collaborative power of litigation and investigative teams. Built with legal professionals in mind, Everlaw streamlines the ediscovery process by automating tasks that previously required manual intervention, resulting in lower costs while improving the efficiency and quality of legal work.





Country – South Africa

Exigent Group

Established: 2003

The Exigent Group offers legal services, contract management solutions and business analytical tools to enterprises. Today, Exigent is a global services organization with over 500 employees in locations from Cape Town to Chicago.

Exigent is transforming the way legal services are offered by leveraging the power of data that’s locked in contracts and processes. Their board members excel in change management and investment decision making. Operating with provocative empathy, Exigent fearlessly challenges the status quo to make good on every promise.




Country – US


Established: 2004

With the recent acquisition of Thomson Reuters Pangea3 Legal Managed Services, EY is further broadening its ability to help corporate legal departments around the world looking for ways to transform their practice and deliver meaningful value to the business. EY has a global team of 2,500 legal professionals across 85 jurisdictions, focusing on providing practical solutions (whether in one or more countries).

EY legal services address today’s issues and help shape the future with customized and agile strategies that span across the entire legal function. From legal advisory (where permitted) and operations to managed services, EY provides the informed services the legal department needs to better enable the business and drive additional value.





Country – UK


Established: 2016

With over 5,000 paralegals and 350 lawyers, F-LEX is an online platform to connect law firms and general counsel to lawyers and law students for a flexible, on demand service.

Flex Legal is the UK’s fastest growing legal services provider and 20 of the top 40 law firms in the UK already use Flex Legal. All of their available legal professionals have been pre-screened to ensure the highest professional quality, and are available at highly competitive rates. The F-LEX paralegals and lawyers can be hired for as little as a few hours – to as long as a year full-time.





Country – US


Established: 2019

gigLAW has been created to fill a blatant gap in the legal education system that is apparent yet rarely discussed. gigLAW provides opportunities for law students to complete project-based work, earning an income in law school, and allow for sole practitioners and small firms to receive high quality work without the hassle of overhead costs.

gigLAW allows for qualified law students to have the ability to explore any legal industry they want to explore, creating connections with potential future employers, gaining immense experience in a variety of legal fields, and earning a small income while in law school. Sole practitioners and small firms, often the firms with minimal assistance, are able to receive the assistance they need, having access to top talent while being ensured with the highest quality of work.




Country: US


Established: 2018

GravityStack was formed with a vision to combine data insights with the most experienced legal process and operational experts to accelerate the overall contract review process.

Gravity Stack is a technology-driven company that originated inside of Reed Smith LLP. In 2018, Gravity Stack became a separate entity which combines technology with human expertise to solve their clients’ most pressing issues and deliver a collective intelligence in law.





Country – UK/Australia

Herbert Smith Freehills

Established: 2012

Chambers and Partners notes that Herbert Smith Freehills Alternate Legal Services’ flexible staffing arm maintains a strong foothold in Australia and Belfast. While well known for its expertise in staffing major disputes, the company also regularly handles a wide variety of transactional projects.

Herbert Smith Freehills is one of the world’s leading professional services businesses, bringing together the best people across their 26 offices, to meet all your legal services needs globally.



Country – Canada

HighQ / Thomson Reuters

Established: 2020

HighQ is an integrated digital workspace for legal professionals brought forth by Thomson Reuters. With headquarters in Toronto and major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs approximately 45,000 people and operates in over 100 countries.

Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. They combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, and media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization.






Country – India


Established: 1981

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. Infosys enables clients in more than 50 countries to navigate their digital transformation.

With nearly four decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, Infosys expertly steers their clients through their digital journey. They do it by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change.






Country – US


Established: 1998

Integreon is a trusted global provider of alternative legal and business solutions to leading law firms, corporations, and professional service firms. Integreon offers multilingual, around-the-clock support, as well as onshore, offshore, and onsite delivery of services.

With 3,000+ professionals including lawyers, paralegals, statisticians, data analysts, and Six Sigma experts, Integreon provides right-sized programs leveraging emerging best practices, technology and a data-driven approach to re-engineer core processes and transform the way clients approach their businesses.






Country – India

Intrust Global

Established: 2005

Intrust Global eServices Private Limited is a customer driven organization founded with the objective of rendering high quality and timely Knowledge and Legal services to clients.

With roots firmly grounded in the capital city of India, New Delhi, IntrustGlobal has grown and expanded its branches of dedicated and passion driven services to clients from India, North America, Europe and the Middle East. IntrustGlobal follows a transparent yet confidential process where the complete methodology and activities are undertaken in collaboration with the client, while maintaining the highest possible data and information security protocols.






Country – US/India

Ius Juris

Established: 2006

Ius Juris has been providing quality outsourced legal support and services for well over a decade to general counsel, legal departments of companies and organizations, and law firms.

Ius Juris is solely focused in providing legal services, support, and solutions for in-house legal departments and law firms in USA and Canada. As such, they are also a premier player in this field, providing a consistently high standard of service at attractive and cost-effective rates.





Country – Switzerland


Established: 2011

Kalexius is a leading provider of managed legal services. They deploy teams of lawyers on a temporary or permanent basis that work as an extension of in-house legal teams, leveraging their project management expertise and multi shore locations to deliver significant cost savings.

Kalexius is a premier provider of managed legal services for project and core delivery. Kalexius combines legal expertise and technology for a holistic approach to high-end, high-volume legal work. Kalexius works with a mix of lawyers and paralegals on-shore and offshore to provide high-quality, cost-effective outsourced legal delivery to clients.




Country – US

247 Digitize

Established: 2006

247Digitize, formerly Kensium BPO, provides a range of services related to knowledge process outsourcing, specifically for the legal staffing sector. With offices in India, North America, and South America, 247Digitize offers eDiscovery assistance, contract management, document review, and back-office solutions to their legal customers.

247Digitize is a customer-focused organization with deep and long-term engagements with high-visibility clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 2006, as Kensium BPO, with a focus on supporting the legal services community, 247Digitize now offers a full suite of business process outsourcing solutions to assist a wide array of service industries. Through the use of offshore and domestic resources, 247Digitize is uniquely positioned to increase its partner’s competitive advantage in their respective market.




Country – Netherlands


Established: 1987

Chambers and Partners notes that KPMG’s contract lawyers handle work across banking and finance, general commercial, corporate, data protection and intellectual property work.

PMG firms operate in 146 countries and territories, and in FY20, collectively employed close to 227,000 people, serving the needs of business, governments, public-sector agencies, not-for-profits and through KPMG firms’ audit and assurance practices, the capital markets.





Country — UK

Konexo / Eversheds Sutherland

Established: 2019 / 1924

Konexo is an ALSP developed by Eversheds Sutherland offering legal, compliance and HR services around the world.

Using the latest analytics, automation and innovative operational processes, Konexo helps you remain compliant while boosting efficiency in a rapidly evolving business world.





Country – Israel


Established: 2016

With offices in France and Chile, and clients throughout the world, LawFlex allows businesses to access elite lawyers from across the globe without the expensive overhead costs of retaining a traditional law firm. Partnering with law firms and in-house counsel departments, LawFlex’s flexible, independent attorneys provide their top-notch services on a contract basis, per project, remotely.

LawFlex provides law firms, financial institutions, international corporations, and startups with access to over 600 vetted legal professionals from all over the world. LawFlex is at the forefront of legal resourcing companies providing a variety of services. Such as, due diligence, e-discovery, global legal advice, and document review (among others). Contact us today to learn how LawFlex can simplify the complex challenges you face.





Country – UK

Lawyers on Demand

Established: 2007

From secondment options and ad hoc extensions of teams, through to sophisticated permanent managed teams, technology and operations advisory, LOD provides non-traditional freelance models to organisations requiring legal support.

LOD pioneered alternative legal services in 2007. Today, they bring together clients and legal professionals to design and deliver more sustainable, improved ways of doing law.






Country – Spain

Lawyers for Projects

Established: 2017

Lawyers for Projects is a talent hub of more than 100 independent lawyers and consultants with experience acquired in prestigious law firms or large companies who work on a project basis.

Lawyers for Projects is a new model of providing legal and tax services through flexible top-tier talent, project-based and with the support of technology.






Country: US

Established: 2011 allows enterprises to hire legal professionals on-demand to fill-in interim gaps with on-site and remote legal experts, to engage verified attorneys, paralegals and legal operations professionals on demand or to find the best fit for full-time or part-time legal role with optional temp-to-hire.

With more than 10,000 legal professionals in the U.S. and beyond, is one of the world’s largest legal services networks, serving US legal departments with local and international needs.




Country: Ukraine

Legal IT Group

Established: 2014

Legal IT Group provides legal advice, contract drafting and much more legal help for tech companies all around the world.

Legal IT Group has over 7 years of legal support of tech companies and over 300 clients in the Technology field from more than 22 jurisdictions.






Country – Greece


Established: 2015

Legality has been created by a group of lawyers with the vision of following a “new approach” to the traditional notion of the law firm.  Legality aims to adapt to its client’s needs, having an international mindset and being able to think on a global scale.

The Legality team consists of four lawyers that specialize in different areas of law, thus able to provide a broad spectrum of legal services. In addition, they employ a few external associates with specialized knowledge and expertise, that are able to assist the team, in order to provide advice to the most complex legal matters.






Country – US/India

Legal Support World

Established: 2008

LSW is one of the world’s leading legal process outsourcing companies providing fully integrated and cost-effective LPO solution to attorneys, law firms and companies across the globe. Since 2008, Legal Support World has been offering legal outsourcing services and legal support solutions through innovative thought leaders who put forth their knowledge and experience to fulfill the individual expectations of each client.

Empowered with a state-of-the art IT infrastructure and security solutions, LSW emphasizes primarily on offering intricate and specialized legal support services, such as Litigation Support, Document Review, Contract Management, Legal Research and other paralegal services to their clients that happen to be Fortune 500 companies, major U.S. and global law firms, and large corporations.






Country – Canada/India


Established: 2006

Legalwise provides legal services at lower costs to corporate legal departments and law firms in Canada. Services are performed by lawyers in India and are vetted for quality control.

For the past 10 years, Legalwise has had the privilege of providing high quality legal services to Canada’s largest corporate legal departments and law firms. The benefits of using Legalwise include: cost savings, scalability, and improved quality, productivity and turnaround times.






Country – Canada


Established: 2011

LexLocom sources Canada’s largest database of legal talent (provided by ZSA) to provide Lawyers, Legal Assistants, Paralegals and other legal support – in all areas of law – to serve as a flexible extension of a firm or in-house team, for as short or as long a time as required.







Country – US

Litigation Services

Established: 1999

From software to integrated services, Litigation Services is dedicated to more efficiently managing resources for the entire discovery phase of legal cases. Their full-service litigation support company helps law firms and attorneys across the United States.

Litigation Services stands apart from other litigation support firms and have quickly gained a reputation as a superior provider of legal support services designed to take the stress and hassle out of preparing for litigation. Litigation Services is proud to offer both local and online litigation support services including forensics, deposition services and corporate solutions.







Country – Philippines

Magellan Solutions

Established: 2005

Magellan Solutions is an inbound and outbound call centre in the Philippines that offers BPO and LPO services.

Combining unrivaled expertise and capabilities across industries and business functions, Magellan brings fresh and new approaches to strategies and operational performance of business operations by delivering the right BPO and customer management solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. The company has 17 years of experience in providing best-in-class outsourced solutions to SMEs and as well as large global enterprises, which now include a Fortune 50 Telco Company.






Country – US

Montage Legal Group

Established: 2009

Montage Legal Group is an exclusive platform of talented freelance lawyers providing contract and project-based legal consulting services to attorneys nationwide. Montage’s platform is the top of the “contract attorney market,” with impressive credentials from top law schools and prestigious law firms.

The freelance attorneys remotely perform legal services for law firms and legal departments of all sizes, and are available for legal projects in all areas of law, including legal specialties such as employment, bankruptcy, appellate, corporate, and patent law.





Country – US

Morae Global Corporation

Established: 2015

Morae Global is purpose-built with former general counsels, law department operations directors, innovative leaders from LPO and eDiscovery firms, top law department management consultants, and senior strategy and technology experts who customize solutions to assist clients in transforming how legal work is done.

Morae Global has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, with offices and employees in 13 cities and 9 countries around the world. The Morae team has experience in many industries, including highly regulated and litigious verticals such as financial services, technology, and pharmaceutical.






Country – US


Established: 2001

Nextpoint provides automated e-discovery software for modern day legal teams to use in their litigations. They offer cloud based solutions that streamline the document review process.

Founded in Chicago in 2001, Nextpoint’s mission is to simplify and bring order to the litigation process by building powerful, easy-to-use, affordable technology solutions for law firms and legal departments of all sizes.






Country – UK

Obelisk Support

Established: 2010

Obelisk Support delivers quality, affordable legal services to businesses around the world. In addition to their central team, Obelisk has over 1,000 freelance legal professionals in the community.

Obelisk Support creates opportunities for professionals to flourish by delivering flexible legal services powered by a community of legal professionals who want to work differently. Obelisk Support offers access to projects with dynamic legal teams, both in-house at large global corporations and growing businesses, and in private practice with large City firms.






Country – UK/Australia/China/Singapore

Peerpoint (Allen & Overy)

Established: 2013

Chambers and Partners notes that the Peerpoint platform provides clients with access to over 300 lawyers qualified in a number of global jurisdictions and based across London, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Peerpoint is the leading global platform for progressive lawyers. They connect the best consultant lawyers with world-leading organisations. With all the support, guidance and resources of Allen & Overy behind them, Peerpoint is giving top-tier talent and their clients more choice, more control and greater flexibility than ever before.






Country – UK

Plexus Law

Established: 2015

Plexus Law is a modern and flexible law firm with a national network of offices and a highly motivated team of litigators committed to delivering effective solutions and outcomes for their clients.

With over 1,000 employees and 600+ litigators, Plexus Law is at the forefront of defendant law, delivering innovative, high quality legal service to those who seek it. Practice areas cover all insurance business lines, span international work and include a dedicated subrogation and recoveries offering.







Country – UK

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Established: 2006

Chambers and Partners notes that PwC’s flexible staffing arm, Flexible Legal Resources, boasts legal and compliance contract talent across a range of different practice areas.

With offices in 155 countries and more than 284,000 people, PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world. PwC brings its connected expertise across legal insight, business understanding and technological innovation to bring the client’s future into focus and uncover new opportunities.







Country – US

Priori Legal

Established: 2013

Priori Legal makes it easy for companies to find, hire and manage outside counsel without the costly infrastructure of a firm. Priori is the global legal marketplace for in-house teams and uses data and technology to rapidly connect legal departments from 1 to 1000+, saving them time and money.

Priori was founded in 2013 out of a vision for transforming how legal services are delivered, leveraging a marketplace model (Priori) that uses data rather than firm affiliation. Priori has built a global network of boutique firm practitioners who undergo their rigorous vetting process that includes quantitative and qualitative criteria for admission.





Country – US


Established: 2004

Quislex is a legal services provider that specializes in delivering the benefits of operational excellence, process rigor, and measurable quality to large-scale, complex legal work, leading to a combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Since their founding in 2004, Quislex has pioneered innovations in legal operations including award-winning managed document review, contract lifecycle management, risk and compliance programs, and legal spend management. QuisLex solves the challenges of resource constraint, cost management, flexibility, and scale for their corporate and law firm clients.






Country – India

Reval Legal Support Services

Established: 2016

ReVal Legal Support Services is one of the leading LPO companies in India. It has a focus on small and midsized Australian law firms.

As the legal industry faces a lot of challenges with ever rising costs and an unimaginable amount of data to be worked on, ReVal works to create pocket-friendly plans for your work management. Through enhanced productivity, reduced cost and more billable hours, ReVal works as a team to help you as an associate in a law firm.





Country – US

Special Counsel, Inc

Established: 1987

Chamber and Partners notes that Special Counsel offers clients a broad scope of legal and related professionals on temporary assignments, including contract lawyers and wider legal support staff.

Special Counsel is the nation’s leading full-service provider of legal consulting, attorney recruiting, legal talent, legal technology, and eDiscovery solutions.





Country – Poland

Steinfeld Legal

Established: 2015

Steinfeld’s multilingual team of experienced lawyers and legal reviewers provides high quality service in the legal fields of big data analysis, contract review and lease abstraction to law firms and companies all over the world.

Steinfeld Legal (STL) works with a large number of well-known customers in the field of document and contract analysis. With their international team STL is supporting property management companies, leading Law-firms, Banks and innovative Tech-Companies to analyze the Key-Data of their contracts and other documents.





Country – Canada

Taran Virtual Associates (TVA)

Established: 1997

With over 90 contract lawyers across Canada, TVA is a Legal Outsourcing Network. They service lawyers in private practice, in-house counsel and authors on a task-by-task basis.

TVA started the practice of Legal Process Outsourcing (also known as LPO) in Ontario, Canada in April of 1997. TVA has brought outsourcing to the practice of over 1,200 lawyers in the past 20 years.






Country – US


Established: 2006

UnitedLex is a technology and legal services company committed to delivering full-scale Digital Legal Transformation.

UnitedLex has over 400 Clients across 25+ global jurisdictions. The company staffs over 3,000 legal, engineering, and technology professionals in 18 countries with major operations.





Country – UK

VARIO (Pinsent Masons)


2012 / 1769

Chambers and Partners notes that Vario allows clients to call upon a range of legal professionals, including freelance lawyers, legal project managers and paralegals, on an adjustable basis.

With over 1,200 flexible professionals based across 16 countries, Vario provides a full range of assistance to help implement the client’s strategy, as a complement to Pinsent Masons’ legal advice and capability. Alongside the firm, Vario provides bespoke solutions including diversity and inclusion, flexible legal capability, legal-technology solutions, legal project management, legal-process outsourcing and managed services.






Country: US/India

Vee Technologies

Established: 2000

Vee Technologies is a leading global business process management company that has been providing legal processing services to prestigious law firms in the US for more than 10 years. Headquartered in New York and Bangalore, Vee Technologies works as a trusted partner to businesses and organizations around the world, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to mid-size companies.

Vee Technologies offers cutting-edge, technology-enabled solutions to the clients they serve. After an analysis of your specific needs, the team will devise an optimal combination of onshore services at the offices in New York City, NY, and Pennsylvania, PA, or offshore at one of their two delivery centers.


*** Noting that the legal industry is evolving as you read this, please contact us if you think your company should be part of this directory, you want to discuss how LawFlex can assist you, or if you want to discuss the development of the legal industry generally: